My husband lost his battle with depression in December of 2010. In the dark months leading to his death, I overlooked a very common symptom of his depression - closed blinds and dark rooms. Returning home from his memorial to our now seemingly dark and gloomy home, I decided that I would no longer feed that darkness. I removed every window treatment in our home and painted every dark piece of visible furniture and trim white. The light from the newly liberated windows warmed my face as I held the hand of my four year old son, re-evaluating our new space/life. After painting my windows, I realized that the colors that shined through brought the brightness and vitality that I so desperately desired. The sunshine was not hindered and the color accentuated the entire room with the playful light of childhood memories and rainbows. The distortion of the painted glass offered the added bonus of diminishing the view of onlookers into our now seemingly ‘fish bowl’ of a house/life. I decided at that moment that I wanted to share this beauty with others so I continue to paint on found windows and various other glass items. Each piece is individual and beautiful in its flaws and idiosyncrasies and I am happy to embrace this. I am delighted to share these treasures. I hope that you will appreciate them as I do.  ~ Meghan

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