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“It is what I MAKE it.” That has been a resounding theme for me, even BEFORE the pandemic. In 2010, as a result of a personal tragedy, I found myself struggling to continue to work in ‘corporate America’, and I began creating art, for it’s therapeutic value. After creating pieces for local fundraisers, silent auctions, and friends, I was eventually persuaded to sell my art at larger venues. As a former graphic designer, I began a website conglomerate for local artists, who did not have the means to effectively market themselves personally. I also shared many of the techniques that I was experimenting with, with small groups of like-minded individuals, sharing experiences and accomplishments in the small, Colorado community where I resided at that time. I attended juried shows, artisan festivals, and markets in surrounding Colorado areas, for over three years, before making the decision to relocate to the east coast, to be closer to my family. Once there, I rejuvenated my love of gardening - propagating several varieties of lavender, cared for the many animals on my family farm, pressed cider from the heirloom fruit tress in our orchard, and learned how to tend bees. I utiliized the many natural gifts that the 200 year old estate offered, AND, I decided to begin painting again. 


My vintage window painting began in Colorado, as a result of the need for privacy, in a small home, where the window coverings made a small home, appear even smaller. The result of painting, afforded me a well lit space, filled with color, and obscured from outside on-lookers. My work has evolved throughout time, and experimentation, with different paint formulas and application methods, but the goal has always remained the same. I am a creature of light, and dark and dull spaces effect me negatively, similar to how people suffer from seasonal disorders. I have extracted many deeper ideas to what motivates me, but I believe that my paintings will resonate on multiple, different levels with others, and I would rather allow the viewer to create their own interpretations. I am drawn to organic, free hand, colorful design, but often incorporate black and white and repeating patterns, as what I refer to as 'controlled chaos'. These designs create a contrast, and visual discord, that I personally find appealing. The elevated, clean and organized manner of these patterns, mixed with the free flowing lines and colors, in a nod to Mackenzie-Childs, is an unexpected combination of starkly different elements.


As an artist, I am constantly learning and growing. I love seeing all of the beautiful faces and things that are encompassed in a creative community. I take great joy in meeting others at shows, when given the opportunity, although current circumstances make these opportunities fewer and further between. My greatest hope is that others will appreciate the love and care, that has gone into each and every one of my unique pieces, and that they will appreciate it for years to come, with the ever playful dance, of light and color.


Cheers!   - Meghan

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